Allergy Clinic of Tulsa


Welcome to Allergy Clinic of Tulsa’s new website.  Within this site we have worked to provide current and prospective new patients a variety of useful information regarding allergy and asthma causes, conditions and the treatments we provide for them.  Our medical staff includes six board certified medical doctors trained in pediatric and adult treatment of allergy and asthma related conditions, as well as testing for various food and drink allergies. 

In addition, we employ Licensed Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in support of our physicians. Additional support staff includes a Registered Nurse Clinical Director, Licensed Practical Nurses, Medical Assistants, Radiology Techs, and laboratory clinical personnel.  Besides our clinical staff we maintain a full range of coding, billing, and systems professionals.

Our primary goal at Allergy Clinic of Tulsa since 1959 is to provide our patients focused, cost efficient medical care with stated treatment goals and measurable results.  We hope you will browse our website and feel free to contact us with questions, comments or to schedule an appointment.

Important News

Changes in Financial Policies for ACT.

Whether it be due to The Affordable Care Act or overall closer watch on all healthcare spending one thing is certain, healthcare is changing. 

The rules and process's that must be followed in order for health care products and services to be paid timely continue to evolve and require more cost and resources on the part of Healthcare Providers . 

There is no added reimbursement for  the extra  steps required.  In fact insurance fee schedules have not increased  in a very long time yet other costs to run a practice have increased.

Due to these issues Allergy Clinic of Tulsa will begin April 1st charging a late fee for existing patient balances that are still present at 90 days and beyond  since the date of service. 

With this notice being 45 days in advance of this happening we are hopeful this will give everyone a chance to closely review your statements and get any of those old balances cleared up! 

Our late fee will be inline with other business  entities at  1.5% per month on the unpaid balance, and of course we will continue to take major credit cards. 


Contact Us locally or Toll-Free!

918-307-1613  or  1-800-475-1124